Adding A Festive Brooch To A Scarf Gives The Outfit Sparkle And Is A Simple Way To Secure The Scarf.


In an effort to stop proposed development around an antebellum estate in Roswell , preservationists donned red sweaters and scarves at a meeting of the citys Historic Preservation Commission. Nearly 90 people crammed into a city hall workroomFridayto discuss a plan to build 50 cottage-style homes on three sides of the Mimosa Hall property. Many of them worried about harming the gardens of the nearly 200-year-old estate. Some expressed concerns over traffic. But most worried about preserving the character of historic Roswell. The preliminary plan by the developer, Hedgewood Homes, did not meet the citys building code, which calls for larger single-family lots or townhouses. The plan is now on hold. Going forward, the developer can ask the mayor and city council to amend the building code to allow for smaller homes, or put forth a plan that fits the existing code. Pam Sessions, co-owner of Hedgewood Homes, said she welcomed the feedback. It was a good conversation, she said. I feel like its a starting point. The 50-home, 9-acre plan would allow the developer to giftthehistoric hometo the city, Sessions said.

What we have been the scares going up in parallel called a four scarf parallel transit. Loop both sides of the scarf back around the front of your body. What we have learned on earlier scarf segments how to hold the scares, we are going to be doing the same thing. Lift and lift, lift and lift, lift and lift. The key to wearing scarves successfully is to master scarf-tying techniques and to utilize additional accessories like belts and brooches. Once all material is smoothed out and ends are hanging evenly, fasten a skinny belt around the smallest part of your waist. We are going to refer back to Stephen Bent’s four ball instructional video where he taught how to juggle four balls. Adding a festive brooch to a scarf gives the outfit sparkle and is a simple way to secure the scarf. The second scarf of each hand, we are using the last two fingers, the ring finger and the pinky holding it against the palm of the hand. We saw the basis of this when we are doing three scares two up one up combinations.

Start by draping the scarf backwards where the scarf touches the front of your neck. Depending on the climate, lightweight scarves can be worn year-round to add a light layer of warmth or simply to add dimension to an outfit. The first scarf of each hand we are holding, using the first two fingers and the thumb. Lift and drop. Adding a festive brooch to a scarf gives the outfit sparkle and is a simple way to secure the scarf.

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